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Winifred “Windy” Carson-Smith, attorney and chief operating officer of Carson Company LLC, a health care consulting policy concern, brings over 25 years of senior association, legislative and policy experience at the state, federal and national levels to her consultancy.  One of a select few, Windy worked in legislative positions at the state, federal and District during her career. She has lobbied, testified and/or developed legislation or regulation on contemporary health policy issues.  And, she has worked on major policy/ national and state initiatives to include organizing and codification of the D.C. health occupations licensing statutes, national health care reform, legislative and regulatory barriers to APN practice, AIDS, telehealth, nurse informatics, antitrust, insurance and antitrust issues.  

Melding policy with advocacy, Windy designed the grassroots campaign which led to DEA recognition and regulation of nurse prescribers.   Windy also initiated the ANA amicus brief and association litigation policy and strategy; and authored the first United States Supreme Court brief submitted to the courts on behalf of the American Nurses Association. Windy received her undergraduate degree in History and Political Science from Duke University and her law degree from George Washington University. She is admitted to practice in Pennsylvania, the Supreme Court of the United States and federal district and appellate courts.

The American Academy of Nursing recently named Windy an Honorary Fellow at its annual policy conference in 2017, an acknowledgement of Windy as a leader in "promoting and improving health care in ways that value nursing's meaningful contribution and the expertise that nurses bring to the table."



  • Managing and conducting statistical, medical, epidemiological and nursing research on clinical and health policy matters

  • Conducting policy research, developing policy papers, treatises, and analysis of health issues

  • Analyzing legal, regulatory and legislative issues related to health

  • Drafting state and federal legislation, regulation, comments and government legislative, regulatory and policy reports and reports

  • Developing and implementing strategic and grassroots programs for the inclusion of policies into state or federal legislation/regulation

  • Directing and assisting health associations in the development and implementation of policy

  • Conducting workshops, lectures, webinars on health issues from the legal, medical and/or nursing perspectives

  • Developing corporate wellness and fitness programs

  • Providing technical assistance on advanced practice and nurse prescribing policies and clinical practices

  • Management and technical assistance in health specialty areas

  • Developing and/or using proprietary databases to team content specific experts with businesses on health issues


Windy authored numerous articles on nursing regulation, practice and law for academic and professional journals to include The American Nurse,  Nurse Practitioner,  NP World News,  American Journal of Nurse Practitioners, Advanced Practice Nursing Quarterly, Advance for Nursing Practice, The American Journal for Nursing, The Online Journal for Nursing,  and Kango (the journal of the Japanese Nurses Association).  Windy also authored chapters on nursing practice and law in:  Health Law Handbook, Nurses, Nurse Practitioners: Evolution to Advanced Practice, The Official Guide for Foreign-Educated Nurses: What You Need to Know about Nursing and Health Care in the United States and Nursing Clinics of America and sits on the editorial advisory boards of Health Law Week and The American Journal for Nurse Practitioners.​

​The Official Guide for Foreign-Educated Nurses: What You Need to Know about Nursing and Health Care in the United States (Council on Graduates of Foreign Nurse Schools: 2009)

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Chapters on Legal Issues and Advanced Nursing Practice in Nurses, Nurse Practitioners: Evolution to Advanced Practice, M.Mezey, D. McGovern, editors, Springer Publishing Company March 1998.


Chapter on Legal Issues Related to Genetics, Nursing Clinics of America: Genetics, S. Olsen, editor, W.B. Saunders, September 2000.

Russell Moss

Regulatory &

Litigation Specialist

to nursing and advanced practice nurse accreditation and standards.  Russell also provided support to the Blue Ribbon Panel on Advanced Practice.  He also developed expertise in nurse malpractice to include working with insurance companies on claims analysis.


Special projects assigned to Russell include national review of the costs of collaboration, the actual licensing costs of APN nurses, incorporating APNs into professional business laws and business issues associated with the sale and succession of APN business.

In his role with Carson & Company, Russell with be responsible for:

  • State and Federal regulatory review

  • Case Review and Analysis, to Include Standard of Care/Professional Negligence Evaluation

  • Insurance and Claims Review

  • Development of Carson Company Nursing Case Summaries and Analysis

  • Development of Legal and Regulatory Programming for Let’s Talk Nursing


Russell Moss brings his expertise as a businessman, lawyer and litigator to Carson Company.  


Formerly in practice as a trial litigator, insurance company counsel and employee of the American Nurses Association, he brings a unique perspective to nursing issues. A successful civil litigator, he understand and appreciates how nurses can be used in litigation.  “So many attorneys use nurse legal consultants solely for their expertise on nurse practitioner practice, I also use NPs and other APNs as appropriate to evaluate the long term impact of the injury, to project the actual cost of care; and to determine the actual, real impact of the injury on day-to-day activities/functions of the injured.  My clients have benefited from this comprehensive, multifaceted use of nursing experts.”

Working with the ANA while in law school, Russell developed an appreciation for Advanced Practice Nurses.  Russell worked directly with the Practice and Legal Departments  ANA, and developed draft regulations, comments, amicus briefs and recommendations on registered and advanced practice nursing.  He participated in research on scope of practice, federal regulatory issues related

Jai Smith-Avery

"Let's Talk" Podcast Producer

Jai Smith-Avery spent nearly a decade working at a STEM-focused nonprofit organization in Washington, DC. He also has taught in China and overseen the Spanish and English departments at a language school in Peru. Jai joined the CarsonCompany team in 2016. Jai will be responsible for producing our podcast "Let's Talk" and will team with  Heywood Donerson to expand and develop CarsonCo's social media presence.

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