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CarsonCompany studies the gender dynamics between physicians and nurses, male- and female-dominated professions respectively, in an effort to develop strategies that combat sexism, classism, and stereotypes that create barriers to practice.


CarsonCompany can lobby for you or work with your lobbyists to develop a comprehensive advocacy strategy for your legislation.  As recognized regulatory experts, we can provide testimony, editorials, grassroots campaigns and other support for your legislative agenda.

We offer support in addressing regulatory issues pertaining to advanced practice, including insurance, credentialing, and reimbursement code expansion.


We work with local counsel to design litigation strategies that use administrative/regulatory forums, identify common interests of various advanced practice specialties to bring suit, and build case precedent prior to bringing suit. Should our efforts require federal court intervention, Windy Carson-Smith holds bar memberships in the Federal District and US Supreme Courts.

Strategic Planning/Policy Development

special Projects

Carson Company will take on special projects which address regulatory issues related to nursing and health.  We believe our strength lies in our vast knowledge of law and regulation, and we will use this expertise to engage in cutting-edge research and policy to benefit the future of the profession.

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